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Guidelines for the poster session
  • please send your abstract (max. 1500 characters) until 30th of June 2014 to take part in the poster session
  • fill the abstract in the registration form or send on email:
  • the poster will feature topics such as: relational research; collaborative research; participatory research; and/or will be related to core topics and questions of the symposium
  • at the symposium you will have a space on a large board to post your poster. You can create the poster presentation to fit a board that is 120 cm wide and 165 cm high or 4 feet wide by 5 feet tall. It does not have to fill that whole space but it is available to you if you need that much space. You can use poster board paper, regular paper, or any other display type paper that you want. There will be some tables in the room to set up your materials and hand-outs